The Cast

Melissa is 15, living under the tight clutches of her Mother who is patterning Melissa’s life into the one she never had. Melissa is a over-worked teen who has no time for herself. The nature of her hectic schedule means a reliance on fast food which comforts her from her frenzied, overbearing Mother and lack of freedom. Melissa is slightly overweight, and desperately wants to break free from her Mother’s shackles, feels a need to be accepted by her peers and wishes to be Discovered by boys. Will she find a little independence?


Raquel is a beautiful girl suffering from bulimia; a high-achiever, obsessed with her looks, shape and weight. She uses food as a mechanism to achieve a perception that she is “accepted”. She has difficulty opening up to others and can’t quite articulate her dreams and desires. Will she gain clarity and recover from her eating disorder?



Michael is a hard-core energy drink fanatic. A modern day Peter Pan, he doesn’t want to grow up and keeps his internal demons suppressed through extreme sports fueled by Rockstar and Monster drinks. From a broken home, and living like a nomad, Michael hides behind a charming smile with humor to shield his thoughts of not being good enough. Will he ever grow up and take responsibility?


Danny is a senior in high school trapped in the packaging of a responsible adult. His home environment has forced this pressure upon him, and as a result, a poor diet of junk-food has developed, and he simply lacks the sophistication and resources to make better choices. Danny has a fondness for cheeseburgers and fries. As he approaches adulthood, he is confused about his life’s purpose and sees no logic in pursuing the goals set for him by others. Can he feel good about life again?


Bobby Rice is one of today’s rising stars, and here’s a twist – he’s a young Hollywood actor that actually gives a damn. Bobby’s acting credits range from the stage, comedy, films, commercials, and web movies, but it’s through “All Jacked Up” that Bobby’s full range is utilized, as he explores the issues that are of concern to teenagers.

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